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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. It works both ways. If you're a house husband, a stay at home Dad or it's just that your GF/Wife earns much more than you, then you do more chores. When I started my first business I had savings which I needed for startup capital, and my wife was the breadwinner for a few years. I acted like a traditional housewife and did almost 100% of the chores as well as my business. Because SHE was the one providing our lifestyle for several years.

    One thing I've learnt is that everyone wants to be appreciated for what they provide to their partners, and they want to be fairly appreciated. Yes in a lot of cases money and providing a certain standard of living, plays a huge role in that.

  2. The leading cause of death during pregnancy is murder committed by the father. Do not downplay what he did.

    Do you have family nearby you can go to for a little while? Is it too late to terminate?

    He needs to take steps to address his anger.

  3. I don’t lecture people about sex during dating. I have had enough men shout at me for not putting out and demand sex on the first date to just put it my bio that I am longing for commitment and that I am demisexual. You would not believe how many times I wish I wasn’t. But it’s not a choice, it’s how I was made.

    I was actually dating someone for a month that just ended last night. We had been seeing each other a couple times a week. He knew I was demi and said that it didn’t bother him. He told me he was single and wanted something real too. I went to pick him up last night for our movie night and his long distance girlfriend answered the door. She had surprised him with a visit (her flight was canceled over Christmas apparently). I posted this after. Needless to say I was a little vulnerable. I don’t imagine their night was pleasant considering the shouting I heard as I left. Or the messages that blew up my phone last night

  4. You wanted a solution and I offered one. Never said it made things easier.

    You should also then consider whether someone who doesn't meet your criteria is a good potential partner. Compromise is often possible if you want to raise your odds, but that is something you and her can do with regards to the house you will be living in too. So you're left with either adding another criterium for a partner, or figuring out a way to compromise on it.

  5. Alright, you should have been way more polite but the part with “I’ll fucking cut you” and after that she spit on you… You dodged a bullet most likely. Or a knife.

  6. I wouldn’t trust this man with literally anything. If a man is so cavalier about my suffering and risk of pregnancy, he does not care about me in any shape or form.

  7. She lives with your bf. You just stay there a lot.

    And yes, you absolutely do mind helping her.

    Stop being so resentful of your bf’s generosity. He doesn’t care how long she stays. Why do you?

    This is just not any of your business.

  8. I can be calm and exasperated at the same time.

    You posted in this sub for advice. I advised you to both take on a more mature perspective and ask directly for what you want.

    If neither of those things work for you, all good.

  9. Life is about learning things. You are both extremely young. I think you have a lot of shame and guilt oriented thoughts that you may have learned growing up in your household/community but try not to let that sabotage what you have. When you’re this young – “using people” isn’t the worst thing and I’d argue that you’re not using him. You’re just learning / discovering. You’re a student of life. If you feel like discover that you’re not interested / not about him – you have no obligations to him nor did you say or commit to being with him for the rest of your life / you’re not married. Go out and explore shit. Being selfish is okay when you’re unmarried / don’t have kids / are young! ❤️

  10. I don’t even know why he hasn’t tried to record or wake me up. I ask him so many times to do that cause I don’t want to be dreaming about someone else ? . Definitely getting a sleep app now

  11. Honestly, that depends on what the “something big” is that happened between you and your boyfriend.

    Because if this was about a fight or something like that, then involving mutual friends is not a good idea. You're basically asking people who like both of you to pick sides. That never, ever ends well – as your boyfriend now learned, since your friends seemingly sided mainly with you. However, it is just as valid for friends to step back in such a situation to avoid blowing up the rest of the group.

    But if this was more about something you and your partner went through together (like, you were out together as a couple, got mugged and now don't feel safe anymore) and your friends are then not supportive when there are no sides to pick, essentially, then they are really shitty friends.

    That said, some people generally are only “fairweather friends”, meaning they meet up with friends to hang out and have fun. Nothing deeper and if things ever aren't as “sunny”, then, for those people, the friendship has basically run its course. They want fun, not invest work or time into a friendship. If your friends fall into this category, then it literally doesn't matter what that “something big” was – they would have always reacted the same way and only cared about their fun. Deeper friendships aren't possible with such people.

  12. Hmm. I think that you have to get him to engage in a difficult conversation here and I'm afraid I don't know how you can start it. But you have to make him listen and understand that he's being very unfair in denying you personal satisfaction from your relationship. At least with the foreplay stuff you have a starting point as he already does that and should be willing to extend it for your benefit. Then take one very small step at a time into your new sexual world.

  13. Ok so new Reddit question, how can I get access to her phone or find out what’s on there?? Any way to do so without physically going through it??

  14. Ironically, I think the guy who your stbx is referring to that rejected the Nobel prize might be Sartre, whose whole philosophy boiled down to there being no one true form of human nature, so we must all find our own purpose in life. (Ironic because he's just trying to copy Captain America, instead of forming his own self).

    He also could be referencing Le Duc Tho, who rejected it ok principal because the person he won it with was a liar, and he didn't want to win it due to the deaths of so many others – which is being a good leader, not telling the idea of leadership to go F itself.

  15. Yeah the money and the strippers aren’t as big a deal as the fact that you’ll never trust a word that comes out of his mouth again.

    Tell him you want a trial separation, marriage and individual counseling for him and he needs to move out of the house

  16. Yeah at the very least I mute my ex's social media for a few months. Unfortunately some social media platforms don't have a mute option, so I unfriend on those.

  17. He thinks tasks should be done when needed , and not follow a schedule. The problem is he doesnt think the house is disorganized, he also doesnt think its dirty. So it will just become dirty and unorganized. Unless i point it out. However this is so weird to me because he has ocd and germophobia, but he is disorganized and not used to cleaning a house at all because his mom used to do that. Its so strange because when we lived separate, i lived alone and my house was ok, but not super clean or organized and his was. Now i know his room was clean because of his mom, because now he is messy, it was the mom despite he always assuring me he is the one who kept his room clean. So we both moved in with the expectation that i am the messy one and that he is the clean freak. Turns out he is the messy one and he doesn’t clean, even though he is the one with the ocd and germophobia. We have been dating 5 years, and just now getting to know this man.

  18. Stop giving him head, ask him why he won’t have PIV or reciprocate your needs. I’m just spitballing but if he does watch a lot of porn, maybe he suffers from desensitization from PIV sex and it isn’t as fulfilling as oral. But regardless other comments are right, if he won’t compromise then you two are no longer sexually compatible.

  19. you do one thing at a time. one foot in front of the other.

    do you live! with him? find a new place to move to.

    honestly, he really hasn't shown you any respect with his behavior, do you need to tell him what is going on?

    if you don't live with him, just tell him it is over. this issue is absolutely a deal breaker, you are upset because of his behavior. that is plenty of reason to end the relationship.

    i hope you can end this, you will make it through and be happy.

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