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in that nightt , shh im not alone , relax with me on netflix

Date: October 2, 2022

6 thoughts on “Alicexalice live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Thank you. After this experience I will know what to look for for a woman that’s genuinely kind not just fake kind. Lesson learned

  2. I feel your pain, I experience this too. At 32 I feel like a child. I think we just have to be kind to ourselves. I know I didn’t feel heard or safe to express my emotions as a child to my parents and now that has carried into my adult relationships. I think it’s important to find an understanding partner and open up in baby steps. I found someone who constantly asks me what’s wrong when I am upset and shut down but in the most gentle and loving way possible that it helps me to open up and say what’s wrong. At first it was an extremely uncomfortable feeling but the more I did it the less uncomfortable it became. I always thought it was 100% up to us to fix these issues and we definitely have to take responsibility to better ourselves but it makes it soooo much easier when you have a partner who is patient and understanding and I think that’s okay.

  3. He doesn’t love Copper. He likely doesn’t have anger problems either. Or better-he has anger problems when things are out of his control. The truth is that he has a control problem where he wants to be the one in control of others-specifically Copper. My honest recommendation is to report your bf for animal abuse; real life consequences & all. But I doubt you will do this based on how enmeshed you sound.

    You both need to do therapy separately; together won’t work. For gods sake get Copper somewhere safe before the guy you “love” kills him and don’t get any other animals. Ever.

  4. He sounds selfish, like he wants things his way and he doesn’t care if it seems weird. Also dropping you home and then paying for an Uber to come over is beyond weird. His language is very guild trippy and I wonder if he is trying to turn you into a nanny for his daughter.

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