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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. Actually this started the whole fight initially and it snowballed into fighting about the marriage question.

  2. There were a few things in that post that fall into the “could be nothing, could be something” category in my opinion.

    friends we have agreed she shouldn't be around

    make over 130K (100k of it being mine)

    we have agreed to hangout with like minded people so to not lose our interests of being successful

    I nearly raised her to say the least.

    Some of those are… Off-putting. He raised her? They're the same age! And if that's really the case, that's an odd dynamic to bring into your marriage. Him making 70k more than her isn't relevant to the situation, since they don't seem to be financially struggling as a result of her going out with her friends and her spending the money isn't presented as an issue in the OP, so why mention it? Couple that with “them” agreeing that she shouldn't see her friends… Like I said, one of those things that could be nothing, but does start to paint a bit of a picture.

    Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, it sounds like OP a d his wife aren't a great match. It seems like his wife wants to go out and have fun, and at 26 that really isn't out of the norm. That doesn't excuse cheating, don't get me wrong. But it does seem that OP and his wife are at very different stages in their life.

  3. Your bf is abusive. If you don't do what he wants, because he doesn't trust you, he turns that into your character flaw. This is a no-win situation and it's manipulative. I would think less baout “calming” him like a baby and more about “giving no quarter” for this type of thing.

  4. “I'm not excusing what I said” but you literally are. Every single comment you're excusing your behaviour bc you were shocked and blindsided. Nothing you do or say is going to ever fix the hole you're dug yourself dude

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