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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Yes it can change and it will. If you don’t want kid conflict, Wait until all the kids are over 18. Until then, you both need to focus on being parents.

  2. Is that enough for you to stay satisfied? It doesn’t seem like it considering you mentioned wanting to break up with him. I suggest you just rip the bandaid off and tell him you’re are done!

  3. she said that I've been a real gentleman (I offered to just give her sperm without sex because I'm 100% not in it for the sex, and she said she's never come across a guy like that before).

    Excuse me, but…. WHAT?!

    She’s must have only encountered genuine creeps if the bar has gotten this low for her.

    As for me, I've always been fascinated by reading about how many descendants famous people of the past have had – from Abraham to Genghis Khan – they have millions of descendants alive today. They are literally living on through their children, and I find that absolutely fascinating – to have an everlasting imprint on humanity through children.

    First of all, you need to develop more healthy goals. Second, are you really comparing yourself to well-known figures from history? Those people’s descendants might get a kick out of being related to “Abraham” or “Genghis Khan”-meanwhile your descendants would just be able to say that their relative’s claim to fame was being a naive, creepy dude from Reddit. I’m honestly flabbergasted that you would even attempt to make that comparison…

  4. Yeah, I don’t think this is going to work out. I think you destroyed it when you cheated on him and he’s trying to work it out because of the baby but he’s not committed anymore. I wouldn’t let him go get a paternity test for child support and try to coparent. He’s not forgiving you.

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  6. How often, though? If were talking about once a month, or less, i get your sister. I mean, i think its complicated- yeah, your sister takes the backseat to your partner. I get that! I think to some extent thats very normal. I also think it can sting if its a big change from how things where previously, and there can be some adjustment pains. It sounds like your sister is still going through those and is just dealing with them in a very immature way (whatever else is true about the situation, your girlfriend isnt at fault here).

  7. So basically you’d prefer he treat other women, and potentially even your friend if she ever tries dating him, just as horribly as he treated you rather than maybe be seen as “jealous”? No offense but get your priorities straight.

  8. No advice. This is just wholesome & real life. I really hope things get better. Its temporary. Remind her of that! Keep your chin up too. She needs your support from afar.

  9. I try not to take too much stock in what an ex says. You have no idea what went on in the relationship, and what was said. Don’t let other people ruin a good thing for you.

  10. I’m late to the party here, but what’s your take on it even getting to this point? I’m of the opinion that this must be a recent, sudden change in behavior because, surely, if he was always like this at work, he never would have gotten an award or been nominated for a promotion in the first place, do you think? It’s baffling.

  11. So I shouldn't say anything to my mother until I find any more proof? Is that what you're saying? Well it's a new phone now. If it's saved through any account then it might be there if the app is installed. I'll even check the safe folder in the phone. I'll try. Currently everything is bad here. My father's father and mother are sick. I am super confused. Thank you btw!

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