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  1. She's asking how to stop him from being inappropriate in front of their child in a professional daycare environment. Sounds like she's already using evidence of infidelity to end their marriage as per the PS.

    Filming the flirty desk girl is to get her off the desk/out of the daycare environment. They won't employ somebody that is actively involving themselves in inappropriate activities or behaviors, with a married client, in a professional environment involving small children.

  2. He thinks he will be respected by his coworkers. He imagines going in to retail, with all his fancy office experience and knowledge, and having his coworkers respect him and request help from him.

    I’m guessing…

  3. You seem to be getting a lot of people not actually reading your post here. Do you have a general feeling of how your husband is gonna take it. If it's gonna be a blue touch paper response then almost certainly she shouldn't be in the room when he finds out. Or at any time until he accepts that it is happening whether he likes it or not.

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