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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. It’s because your question comes off mocking her. That’s why it was downvoted. If you have a genuine will to learn, then why do you keep making the numerous mocking comments you’ve already made? Comments where you assume the poster isn’t in a relationship or belittle them saying their opinion must come only from fictional shows. Other people are entitled to perceive what is rude to them as well.

    Where did I say you can know someone’s thoughts 100%? The world isn’t absolute. I know that. Very rarely are things 100%, all or nothing. That’s not my point. You don’t need to know someone’s thoughts 100%. That wasn’t what I was trying to say. What I was trying to say was that it’s not necessary to know that if you have trust. And that’s what the commenter has with her husband.

  2. OP,

    1) “I ‘m pretty certain the affair is over “ I think that one year ago, you were pretty certain that your wife wouldn’t cheat on you ? There is no certainty with a wayward OP.

    2) “I watched her send the message ending it” One wayward did the same and less than 24 hours , her husband find her in the affair partner house. Moreover, did you have the guarantee that she will not move to another AP and she will be more cautious this time ?

    3) “I m not worried about DV accusations “ Prepare for the worst and hope for the best OP. It happened

    4)’”Finances have been fully joint for many years” A betrayed partner has their savings drained from their joint bank account. Even the jewelry was taken.

    Don’t be blindsided again OP,

    Your worst enemy now is yourself, don’t let your pride and bruised ego blind your jugements.

    protect yourself OP

  3. OP Please leave this relationship, he doesn't really care about your feelings, he is just being selfish and only worries about his kink.

    Please before breaking up ask him to delete all the copies of videos or photos of you and do it by email or written messages being very clear that under any circumstance you authorize the sharing or publication of any photo or material from you. This is to have proof I case you need to sue him in the future.

  4. Yeah, I got wasted a LOT in the Army, but still followed through with my commitments… but didn't really suffer hangovers as bad as others. A BLT and V8 juice, and a big glass of water, and I was ready to go…. pissed off some of my friends, who didn't recover as well.

  5. Tell her to schedule their meeting when you are not in house anyway. Do not give up your weekends for this. Stand firmly on this, or more unreasonable demands will follow.

  6. I sure as hell would not be marrying someone that would speak to me that way. She thinks of you as less than a man. Why be with someone that doesn't respect you?

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