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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Fuck me man you go all out of your way to defend her even when she is clearly in the wrong for being upset by the game she played?

    She is right they are just friends, so why is she upset he went home with someone else?

    Of course op could have clarified with her earlier, but Sarah made it clear where they stand and he just acted accordingly.

  2. Yeah I think there's some cultural stuff here that I don't understand. There's a common theme in this sub that you'll somehow come out better if you blind side your spouse with divorce papers.

    I don't get it at all. If I thought my spouse was cheating I would 100% just tell them that I've seen some stuff that suggests cheating, and ask them what's up.

    Do you get a better deal in the US if your spouse is cheating or whatever? I don't think any of that is relevant in Australia. I can't imagine going to court with evidence of my cheating partner. “… and exhibit 3c clearly shows my ex husband smooching his painted who're your honour …” – truly surreal.

  3. To add to that… It sounds like he is expecting everyone to cheat at some point. But liike, okay, even if we grant (for the sake of the argument) that, in some specific circumstances, you can make everyone cheat… That doesn't mean that those circumstances aren't extraordinary and that integrity doesn't exist.

    Yes, it's not like people wake up one day and want to cheat, but at the same time, they do have to choose to engage in cheating.

  4. Please go spend some time on the Regretful Parents sub and see how horribly it ruins your life to have a child you don't want.

  5. He used to know how to cook

    It's not like he forgot. He just learned he no longer has to take care of himself because you'll do it.

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