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Open wide this fucking asshole and spread it while I’m riding you [Multi Goal]

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I would just be vigilant and watch for the signs that something is amiss. You don’t have to interact with him but you should join your gf in her social outings and have fun being fun to be around. It may make him look like the ass he is and he’ll go away or she may tell him to ‘eff’ off. She may be testing you so show your best side.

  2. Wow. His true toxic colors are showing. I'm proud of you! Make that money girl! Is what he should be saying. My husband cried in tears of joy when I started working.

  3. Trying to get even with someone who wants nothing to do with you just shows that you're still in that toxic mindset.

    Getting back at someone just invites them into your life again. Don't waste time on people that don't give a shit about you.

  4. One of the strongest bonding mechanisms between humans is a collective effort to build something together.

    Not only is it not respectable to spend an unproductive life, you will be deprived of that bonding mechanism with your partner as there will be no mutual struggle towards goals.

    Your position is completely understandable.

  5. Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to a fucking robot lol. Like there isn't anything on the other side of the screen.

    Would it be possible I'll feel more irl if we ever met up?

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  7. Alcohol doesn't excuse cheating. A drunk mind speaks a sober heart. Your wife is a cheater in her heart.

    She needs consequences for her actions, for everyone's sake in this situation: You, her, and your children.

    If you forgive her and stay with her, it's going to tell her that what she did is forgivable and permissible. She's apologetic and acting like the perfect wife right now because she's scared that her actions might have consequences. Once she feels comfortable that you're not going to leave her, she's going to go straight back to this type of behavior.

    You're most likely going to build up a lot of resentment, jealousy, self-hate, and you're always going to be on edge wonder when the next time she's going to cheat will be. Please trust me, she will cheat again. It's only a matter of time. Save yourself the heartache, and have enough respect for yourself to not tolerate being treated this way.

    Arguably most importantly, think about your kids. What do you want to teach them? Is it okay for their future spouse to cheat on them? Is it okay for them to be with a parter who doesn't respect them or care about their feelings? Is it okay for your kids to sacrifice their happiness over fear of breaking up a home? Your kids are not going to be happy or healthy growing up in a household where their mother cheats on their father. You have to choose the lesser of two evils here and opt for 2 happy-ish households. You have to be a role model to your kids, because they're going to eventually learn about this situation. Teach them that they should respect themselves and not tolerate abusive behavior in their lives.

    This is just my opinion. I'm sure you already know in your heart what you're going to do. I wish you the best of luck through this difficult time OP.

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  9. Your boyfriend is a hypocrite and controlling. He knows the hurt this causes because he himself feels insecure, but does it to you. He even made you believe it's okay for him to do it, but not you.

    This is royally messed up.

  10. I don't think this is about your boyfriend at all. This is about your disordered eating, including your reaction to him eating your food. Sure, it was a bit rude but offering to go get you a whole new one was adequate. Believe me, I understand the problem intimately. In my case, I have an anxiety disorder that has a lot of digestive issues as symptoms. I rarely eat during the day. I rarely eat anything if I'm not home. I can't eat after driving. I can't eat after any anxiety triggers.

    You should see a doctor and/or a psychologist about it. In my case, they couldn't manage to help me but I got a medical card and now munchies a long with the lowered anxiety help me eat. Like you describe, I just never felt hungry and two bites in I'd be nauseous. Weed helps with that kind pretty great.

  11. Are you looking for encouragement to be with him? I can't offer that.

    What you are considering doing is against “girl code”. Women stick together. It's our job as women to lift each other up, respect each other and love each other. The world is naked.

    If he decides to leave her, that's one thing. If he does, then you have a conversation with her about it and go from there.

    But what you are thinking of doing is a shitty thing to do another woman. Don't do it. You'll look back on it in twenty years full of regret.

  12. This is crazy to me. They've been marked six years, can't they just, you know, talk about it?! No need for subterfuge and secret filming.

  13. Maybe she is trying to manipulate you in some way to provide for her for free? Maybe not, but just keep your boundaries for her until she is more independent. She seems not experienced what is to live by herself and maybe she is taking things for granted depending on how she has grown up.

  14. This is above Reddit pay grade. You need to increase your therapy sessions.

    Hurting yourself hurts the ones you love and that’s not right. Please get help.

  15. You can go to prison if you don't pay child support in my state. So those struggling people are bad people too? Not all felonies make you a horrible person.

  16. Waaw, people in this sub really know how to solve problems. That's a nice logical way for a win win situation. ❤️

  17. kids arent a necessity but you said the meanest thing you could ever say to a woman with a horrible mom over kids, you need some therapy .

  18. Do not give him enough details to out you to your family.

    You don't really know him well enough to predict what he will do with the information if you break up with him later.

  19. Wait…this is a thing? I didnt even know there was a national womans day. What the fuck are we supposed to do.. ugh. Another made up holiday. Your not a jerk for not saying anything to her. Sounds like a great way for her to guilt you into being wrong for some ulterior reason.

  20. NO is a complete sentence. If they argue, walk away. Get off the phone. You don’t actually need to take their shit.

  21. Thank you for your advice, I really really appreciate it! It's relieving to hear it explained in that way, that this friendship has likely just run its course. It was helpful to have for a short time but it doesn't mean it has to be lifelong with the way its going now. Thank you!

  22. I scrolled down just to find out how shitty of a human he was. I knew he was considering how he's still trying to control you even while he's getting married. Dude is trash. Don't go.

  23. You are just 4 months together and he can't accept your “no”. He pushes and pushes. What if this is about something else. Will he also givf a shit about what you want and keep pushing till he got what he want?

    You have chronical pain. Even if you go to the gym with him, you could do other stuff like him. What would be the next step – push you to do the things he does even though it hurts your body? He has an image of a gf and wants to force it on you. He can't accept that you have physical limits through your healths.

    I would talk with him another time. Make him clear how much you feel pressured to his constant asking and how much you hate it. Make yourself clear that you don't want to go to the gym, you have your own fitness routine. You don't want to be asked again to go the gym. If he can't understand that he needs to accept your decision, you really must see that he isn't the right one for you. It is about more about the gym then.

  24. Calmly and politely tell your mother that her marriage is now over and her family is falling apart because her husband believes that she has either had an affair or carried out a paternity scam that did not involve sex. Then show her this thread.

    But don't be too quick to blame her for knowing that her husband was not your biological father or having consensual sex with another man during her marriage. Neither may be true. She may have been sexually assaulted and never have had an extra-marital affair. Or believed that all her children were as much biologically hers as her husbands.

    Did the tests confirm that she is your biological parent? Has your mother ever had fertility treatment or a brain injury? Does she or a close relative of hers have any history of serious illnesses? Has she ever used illegal narcotics or had blackouts after consuming too much alcohol?

  25. We have been together for 4 years

    You realize he is a predator? You were 16 and he was 22?!!?! What!!!

    Stay away from him and use his current incident to get full custody with ZERO visitation. Zero! Maybe in a few years he gets better he can get supervised visitation but he has to away away from the two of you.

    He was not caring. He is a sick man dating underage girls.

  26. Honey, you're not an insecure teenager. Dump his ass. Why are you going out of your way to let him disrespect you? If you know your worth and he's stomping over boundaries, leave him! Temptations are always there, but so is common decency and respect. Guy is an AH not worth your time.

  27. This could really be connected with the thrill. With feelings that she is only a mother, not an sexual attractive woman any more.

    So of course you should adress it. Tell her that it is not OK. Go to couple counseling. Do all the things you need to do so both of you an find those things, that you have agreed on yo share with no one else, in your relationship again.

    It will be a way to go. But you know you have the attractive woman on the other side that you love, not just the mother of your children. It will be worth it.

  28. Thanks for your detailed response! Very helpful questions to ask 🙂

    Regarding the matchmaking I don’t think it would upset me. There she wouldn’t be using her own opinion to evaluate the guys and also they wouldn’t message her and her be the first one to see their messages trying to win her over. I suppose it’s partly a self confidence problem that I have, with her possibly seeing lots of single guys and comparing them to me. Or even enjoying the experience.

    We’re definitely in a very healthy relationship where we won’t get angry at each other and can discuss these things freely, so we wanted to see what others thought about the situation and each of our feelings.

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