anal show [Multi Goal]

Date: September 22, 2022

7 thoughts on “akura011

  1. Has he ever considered how great the chances of him expiring while getting a happy ending are, and if that happens, how that would be the last story of him people will remember?

  2. Yessss. I talked to other guys that said “umm no 18 is a child” Which I agree with, legally an adult but still a child. And she looks younnnng

  3. Very true. And I definitely keep all the texts. funny enough she used to say that she’d record our calls because of how “crazy” I was. Turns out me being crazy was all correct accusations of what she was doing behind my back.

  4. Why the hell can’t he bring his wife on a combo pre wedding party when the groom and the bride will be there….

    I won’t even go to a Saints Game without my wife

  5. When you broke up he thought he shed the thing that was holding him back. When you judged him for it, he discovered that there was one additional step necessary to realize full independence.

  6. You definitely shouldn't be having kids if this is how you react to her trying to have a conversation with you. Your reaction was over the top and extremely immature. You should feel like shit. You can be hurt because now it seems you guys are incompatible but don't act like that. You're not someone who should be having children; will you react this way when your kids try to talk to you about doing something a different way than what you want?

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