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  1. Stop living with him or draw up a roommate lease so that you are not responsible for his share of the rent.


    Dump cold water on his face. My cousin is almost deaf and just can't wake up, even with a deafness adapted device. + He is a teen, the guy can literally be picked up and keep sleeping. So one time, i was in charge of waking him up, i dumped water on his back and neck. Worked like a charm

  2. I really needed this. I just started talking to a therapist.. There’s so many more details, it’s truly incredible how deceiving someone can be. From her lying about when she got pregnant, to her list of Vegas trips without her husband at that time, all things I found out about towards the end, her not-so-past-past. I’ve had no friends for the whole relationship. She kept me on a short leash, until I found her cheating on Christmas Eve on her phone, and I FINALLY reached out to her ex husband, only for him to give me a play by play of what I went through. The deeper I dug, the more of HER connections I had just neglected to really analyze told me allll the same things. So my trust, I don’t even know where to put it any more. And because the news of her infidelity and drug use made it to her exhusband, he filed a new motion in their custody agreement.

    NOW it’s the best part. She staged a super bs (well documented on my end) domestic disturbance, we’re in court now for it, and she’s trying to bury me BECAUSE I FOUND OUT EVERYTHING. She knew how to commandeer my finances over time to help her escape her old problems and get back on her track. Dude that she’s talking to allegedly left HIS wife for her. It’s not just a cheating fling thing. This man and woman were plotting under my nose for years. Annnnnnnd scene, ima go sulk and figure it out. Blessings, it’s just one of life’s infinite unforgettable lessons.

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