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Date: September 24, 2022
Actors: 18perfecttits

9 thoughts on “18perfecttits live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. She isn't a gf… she is a cheating squatter.

    Drain all shared accounts, tell her you you're splitting half the house. Plus 10 months mortgage for the lack of contributions/work she's done.

  2. She’s keeping you on the hook. There’s a great How I Met Your Mother episode about this! Cut her loose and move on.

  3. You are dealing with years of trauma. It sounds like the strains with your current relationship are more related to your past than your present. You don't need to run to the nearest therapy clinic but I do think some therapy at some point will enable you to change your expectations of a relationship.

  4. Every time you feel like a woman over reacts and gives you the cold shoulder after previously dating it is likely due to the legacy of dangerous stalking lunatics like this dude that all women have either encountered or heard about. LEAVE HER ALONE!

  5. Of course we discuss everything as a couple, but I reached out to the community to help think of other ideas, solutions, or just a general something to add to our discussions on how to proceed with the situation.

  6. You are dating a loser. Why doesn’t he have a job, and even moreso, why TF are you applying for jobs for him?!? He 26 damn years old! God damn, stop enabling leeches like him.

  7. ask him if he would like to get coffee with you. If it goes great, a friendship with blossom, and hormones will take it from there.

  8. Did he really go through your phone or did he say he did attempting to get you to “admit” to something he only imagined you were doing? If he refuses to tell you exactly what he thinks he saw, I’d be inclined to think that he may have been thinking about breaking things off and was attempting to use this scenario to make it look like your fault….

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