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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. This feels like some childish, manipulative bulls**t. Don't blame you for being tired of his behaviour! Clearly his way of avoiding any responsibility for his actions and making you the bad guy. Next time he pulls it just refuse to engage with him, tell him you're not prepared to parent him out of his tantrum and that when he's ready to talk like a grown up he can let you know, then just walk away.

  2. Homie how have you gone 2 years?? 6 months would've been a red flag imo. You gotta be upfront about it and ask her what's up w that

  3. forgive her for being a drunk teenager trying to vibe on a dark dance floor, and ask her out on a date(s). eventually you may request sexual exclusivity, but until then, you must compete with the other chimps.

    she either likes you and made a mistake, or is selfish and only worried about her reputation amongst her flatmates. but if you don't have any other prospects atm, why not give it a shot for a couple weeks? just be careful not to get your hopes up too soon (and use condoms)

  4. You can’t have a healthy relationship with someone if they can’t handle discussing issues like this, and you can’t fix issues like this without talking about them.

    One thing I’ve learned over my years is that the inability to discuss problems is a giant red flag that can’t be overlooked. Saying things like “you’re bringing up the past” as if it’s a bad thing is a red flag. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior, and if someone hasn’t changed, yeah, the past still matters! It feels very gaslighty, and the only people I know who say things like that are people I’ve had to eventually cut off because they aren’t capable of a healthy relationship.

    This dude is bad news. He has dumb fantasies about sleeping around. He clearly doesn’t have your well-being or best interests in mind. He’s also not capable of respectfully and constructively discussing issues, which means you’ll never solve them and you’ll never have a healthy relationship. You can’t change people like this, they have to do that themselves.

    Think through if he’s actually worth keeping around. From my experience, I don’t think he is.

  5. This could be two completely separate things. Or this could be two parts of one creepy thing. Those are the two options here.

    Option one: your boyfriend misunderstood the way nicknames work in your family. He also has an unfortunate porn preference that happened to not look very good – although it is worth remembering that stepsibling porn is also very popular among people who have a force kink or a shame kink.

    Option two: Your boyfriend has a stepsibling kink that he’s trying to “ease you into” rather than having a straightforward conversation with you about it. Creepy. Not cool. That circumvents consent.

    The only way to find out is to talk to him. Broach the subject of the nicknames again. Straight-up ask him why he wanted you to call him Animal.

  6. This sounds sexual tbh and the fact you can’t even talk about what he’s saying shows me you are not mature enough to be engaging in these activities

  7. Not who you were asking, but I’m child-free with adhd. I knew that I never wanted children. Kids are cool, but motherhood never felt like a thing I wanted to experience. Are you the type of adhd who can’t stand to have their routine thrown off? Life does that just fine on it’s own, but then you add kids to the mix… When you come home stressed from work do you want to be left alone, or do you want a distraction like helping with bath time and bedtime stories? Does your spouse plan to work or be a stay-at-home? Will you be okay with them not bringing in a paycheck if they decide to stay home, or picking up the slack when they go back to work? All of this to say- communication is your friend. Talk to your spouse. Tell them your worries and fears. Ask if they have any worries or fears. Maybe listening to them excitedly talk about vacations/holidays with the kids, the kids “firsts”, what shows from childhood you as parents want to share, etc. will stir something in you.

  8. Hi OP, my marriage ended for me when my ex-husband abused my cat. She was my baby angel, her and I had sooo many happy years without my ex. Please just think about this. Your pupper and you deserve soooo much more. ?

  9. So I don't know how he was okay with it for a year

    He wasn't. He was waiting for you to get attached enough that he could start fucking other women without risking losing you. A woman his age wouldn't put up with that kind of dumbshit, that's why he has to date teenagers.

  10. Unplug the power cord from his computer from both ends and cut it in half with scissors.

    Pretty sure destroying someone else's property is a crime.

  11. This all sounds like trying to be in a relationship rather than an FWB situation.

    Nope, that's sweet talking him into bed

  12. There is a very small chance. Very small. I would say it probably is not worth the heartache, the stress, the trust issues etc. I'm sure that every time she gets a phone call, a text etc you will be thinking, “is this another guy?”. Same deal every time she leaves the house.

    If I were in your shoes, I would document all the proof you have, ask for an amicable divorce and potentially start over from the beginning.

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