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Date: September 30, 2022

23 thoughts on “?, ?????~????? online sex cams for YOU!

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  2. Bluntly, NO. Instead seek to regain rights to your property, dismiss his services from your business/finances and totally separate them. Seek a restraining order, if possible, to keep him away from you and your children. And ensure you are very LC/NC with him.

  3. Yeah, it’a not like the birth place of pain au chocolat, croissants, eclairs and macarons will have sugar foods

  4. Hey, there is nothing wrong with not kissing on a first date.

    Do you know how often women are expected to put out early on when they just want a chance to get to know you? A lot.

    So, the fact you weren't forceful was probably refreshing to her.

    Keep being yourself, keep having fun together. New connections are exciting.

    Wait for the perfect moment when you two are vibin' together, and you could even toss a simple 'I want to kiss you so bad right now, can I?' and go for it.

  5. Yeah it’s so difficult and really one of the only ways to make someone miss us is just let them be. I feel like I’m still giving her all my energy every time I check her socials. Just going to focus on myself for now.

  6. Lack of intimacy recently and she’s a horrible horrible drunk who loses all inhibition.

    Other than that, it’s like I found my soul mate.

    lol dude. Run.

  7. Well it's different for everyone really. At our age (I'm a bit older than you) if you both have your own places I'd expect after six months to basically have clothes at each others places and regularly be spending multiple nights a week together.

    There is no “normal”. If you're not comfortable spending more time there that's your business but I would have thought it more “normal” to at least making the weekend Friday to Sunday and a night in the week.

  8. Do you love her? I think you start there.

    If you don't, the question is easy. You aren't responsible for someone else's life or for their happiness. You just aren't. If you love someone — if they contribute to your life being better on the whole — then a lot of this might be worth battling through. But if you don't, or if you did but now don't, you have no obligation towards her.

    From what you've said, she's going to make it hot. Your life will suck for a while. But it sounds like your life sort of sucks now, so you might as well start going through it now. Waiting won't help either of you.

  9. Never used hormonal bc bc I didn’t want the side effects. Been married for 10 years and have 1 (planned) kid :p we use condoms. The pull out method is really not safe and will most likely eventually lead to pregnancy ?‍♀️ I would not continue with that.

    You guys need to talk about this though. Communication is key in a relationship and what you’re doing (allowing resentment to build because you wont bring up a topic) is so unnecessary and will needlessly harm your relationship.

    I would suggest to read up on what alternatives are available. Afaik there is condoms, male bc (you’d bave to find a trial to join though so may not be a possibility), and the copper iud (non hormonal bc) that you could consider. Using the pullout method isn’t a good idea though unless you want kids so.. good luck ?

  10. Then he should do it this way:

    “Hey, loyal gf who’s done everything for me: I’m a giant sack and I don’t deserve you. I’m selfish and self serving and a terrible example for our child, and I have no intention of ever improving, and you are both objectively better off without me in your life on the daily. I’m leaving, I’m not sorry. The good news is you’re still young and can obviously do better, so look at this as an opportunity, not a loss. With my albatross arse out of your life, you have a second chance at a good life.”

  11. Keep Reminding her that you love her and that it doesn’t bother you. Eventually it sinks in. And if she doesn’t want to do anything today, respect that, tomorrow will be wonderful!

  12. She just told you that she's ok with cheating, she helped someone else cheat and was more than happy to do so, I'd not be able to trust her not to cheat on you. She's almost as horrible as the guy. She doesn't care who gets hurts as long as it benefits her.

  13. You chose a word that has been my thoughts of him for a while now: selfish. I wish leaving didn't feel so hot. Thanks for your input

  14. Home Routines. It’s great because it breaks cleaning areas of the home up into manageable tasks that can be done over days. I really love it. It’s so worth the $5.

  15. Proof would make me feel quite a bit better, actually. It would prove a lot of things I've been told recently that I've been unsure about to be true.

  16. It sounds like he's making a big statement on not going due to OP's “rudeness” in the hope that the hosts ask OP not to go instead. I'm getting really manipulative vibes, just like he showed with OP's ex

  17. If he’s being pushy then kick him out and call it a day.

    If you two clicked better, he wouldn’t be pushing you and he’d be trying to help you out while you’re sick.

  18. ngl i would just break up. that whole overbearing mom thing is not something i’d want to be tied to. he’s a grown man but he still allows his mother to dictate his life. getting married into a situation like that is literally my form of hell.

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