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Date: September 25, 2022

16 thoughts on “⭐️????? ?????⭐️ Live! Saturday 24 Sep 2022 (GMT-4) 23:00 Time in Miami, Florida, U.S.A the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. As time goes on you get better at recognizing red flags. Also, people might be able to fake being someone they're not for a time but doing that forever is far too difficult.

    You also have a room of analysts in your monkey brain who specialize in detecting whether or not someone is being fake. The more data you give those analysts by spending time getting to know someone the more accurate they get.

    Get to know someone and then trust your instincts. If something feels off then act accordingly even if you can't explain exactly why.

  2. I truly understand what you feeling right now. It hurts ?. Hope you feel better soon ❤️‍? May you and your kids have a blessed Christmas ?

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  4. I agree, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose him, he genuinely makes me happier then anything and he’s given me a beautiful life, but I’m so scared it’s gonna keep happening.

  5. Personally, I'd live as if I'd never have to see my sisters and their families again. You can have a separate relationship with your folks. Let your parents lay this at your feet. They can tell the sisters you are uninterested in engagement/reconciliation and that they've tried to convince you otherwise. It's the truth, and why would they remove access to grandkids for that?

    It's strange how family dynamics carry over from your childhood into adulthood.

  6. My comment will tie directly into the only other comment as of me posting, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s 20 comments by the time I’m done writing.

    Your age gap matters now and it really really mattered at the beginning. Why? Because of the literal issues you’re describing here in your relationship. He’s abusive. That’s why an 18 year old would pursue a 14 year old; because you wouldn’t know any better.

    That’s not a knock on you. You were a kid. He’s a predator and a scumbag. You only know what you know. In saying that, I’m sorry about what you’ve dealt with. But you need to stop caring about hurting him. He’s an absolute piece of shit. Get out as safely as possible and never look back. Good luck.

  7. When you move in with him you can pay half of your current rent plus the difference in the utilities he uses when you turn on the water heater and climate control.

  8. I am curious about how you arrived to the “break up” point without talking before?

    Was he part of the healing process? Did you include him in it or did you just told him you didn't want to have sex until the problem snowballed?

    You obviously don't have to force yourself to have sex if you don't want to, but if it is important for him you could've talked more openly maybe? He is not wrong for wanting to break up over this, difference in views about sex are serious.

  9. What the hell… his reaction is very extreme. I am a pretty traditional guy myself and am happy to do all the handiwork needed, but I wouldn't shit on my girl for helping out or doing it if she wanted to, ESPECIALLY after I had a back injury? Either he is INSANELY insecure, has massive anger issues, or wants to end the relationship for some reason. I don't really see how you doing some handiwork would demasculate him in any way… sounds like a personal issue

  10. fwiw I have a corporate job and I've had conversations with my manager about how I would personally like to be recognized (Email to the team? Announcement at team meeting? Or a private 1:1 with manager?). Recognition in the workplace is important for morale, but not everyone likes attention.

    So, I think your boyfriend is fine to not want to receive awards at work, but he seems absolutely incapable of having a mature conversation about it with his boss. He is acting like a tortured martyr when his perspective is neither unique or special.

    His ideas about the movie, and about getting a retail job are very immature. His behavior towards you is immature and unfair to you. I think ending the relationship is a rational decision. Either this man is very immature, or experiencing some kind of mental or emotional issue that he is refusing help for.

  11. I said that, because it’s true. I didn’t want to make my last relationship last due to life circumstances, that’s why we agreed to end it. It wasn’t a failure at all. End ≠ fail.

  12. You mentioned your bf going out of town for two weeks but posted this same thing 3 weeks ago. So this has been going on since at least then. You don’t want to be in this relationship if you allow another man to make advances on you for this amount of time. You both should probably move on.

  13. Speaking from personal experience, you can absolutely have a great time without orgasm. You can be an Olympic gymnast and it still won’t matter because this is his problem. It can be a mental or physical issue and you don’t want to pressure him by repeatedly asking.

    Honestly, what worked for me was taking a Cialis to help me get my first orgasm and a few more after. The pills really helped me focus and my girl was extremely patient and supportive while I figured it out. That really helped me with my confidence to the point where I don’t need pills anymore. I just needed good experiences to help me figure out what I need to feel satisfied. Number one on my list is an understanding and loving partner.

    Even without pills, focus on the journey and the sensations and being relaxed. If your partner taps out before he finishes don’t worry about it. Sex is great even if you’re stuck in the middle chapter. Now if he can’t get started at all encourage him to get a little help. You can get Cialis delivered off the internet for 20-30 bucks and it’s a life changer.

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