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Date: September 19, 2022

13 thoughts on “✿Julie Miller✿ —-, >follow me on my instagram and twitter —> the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. He can’t be soooo concerned about your safety that you can’t go and in the breathe utter a threat to leave. That’s not logical. Call his bluff, go, show him you’re safe, and set the standard this is normal. He can accept it and work on his insecurities or not. If not, you’re better off.

  2. This is also very true, my friend said the same thing. I'm romanticizing what could've been and extrapolating the positives from that relationship. What I have with Sarah goes deep and we've gone through a lot.

    I think my nerves about getting married is getting the best of me… I love Sarah so much and I can't see myself without her.

  3. There's something up and it sounds to me like trauma.

    What happens when you just say: “I want to learn more about you and I would like you to tell me more about the place you grew up in, can you tell me about it?”

    What exactly does she say and do?

    This is really puzzling, I'm sorry you're going through it

  4. No one lives the perfect life, but I'd say you sound relatively happy.

    As drab as it may sound, this may be something you have to work these feelings out with the aid of alternative forms of sexual gratification, distracting hobbies, or by making new friends.

    While having thoughts about your ex isn't bad, it sounds like they are quite distracting and require a change in your routine.

  5. OP, this is toxic and a terrible example to set for your kids. They deserve a mother who has a partner that respects her enough to never have the audacity of sleeping with her best friend. What the two of them did was disgusting and at this time you have detached yourself emotionally from feeling pain over your marriage being officially over. Do yourself a favor and divorce. What’s done is done but this was the choice they made the moment they sat down with you and made you make a choice of the unthinkable. Everything ended exactly at that moment because they became cheaters (or possibly have been cheating, I don’t know). But to now give you MORE grief and MORE pain over their selfish wishes not being fulfilled. How pathetic is your husband to say: “bOO hoo! You’re not being nice to me anymore!!” )): Well that’s too damn bad. If I could give you a hug, I absolutely would. Sounds like you’ve been put through the ringer but it’s time to let go and find better for yourself now. Your kids will be okay.

  6. Immediately no , I promise you if this was you she would break up asap and you should do the same

  7. This is another rage bait post! “She wasn’t the classic beauty” imagine your spouse saying this about you on the internet.

  8. Never do anything sexual that you’re not comfortable with, no matter what your partner says.

  9. It's not an excuse he tried to kill you, you need to break up and cut contact with hik asap and think about talking to the police.

    If you stay with this guy then this is just the beginning of his abuse

  10. No you are not wrong to be upset.

    Her actions are suspicious, and even without you finding out about her being propositioned, we’re damaging your relationship.

    So tell her straight.

    Tell her that you saw the messages, know that she didn’t block him until after she took the phone off you.

    Tell her that those messages along with her secrecy and suspicious behaviour regarding her phone have damaged the relationship, and caused you to lose respect and trust in her.

    Tell her that she has 2 options.

    She wants to work together to fix the relationship. If this is the case, she hands over her phone, for you to go through, then she tells you the truth about all her secret conversations, especially the Snapchat ones. Any deflection, any lying, and half truths or trickle truthing and the relationship is over.

    As part of working on the relationship, new boundaries must be put in place regarding communication channels. Remind her that it’s her actions that have damaged the relationship, so she must put in the effort to rebuild the trust and respect.

    The relationship ends. She leaves straight away, to go wherever she wants, so long as it’s not there with you. You will be informing her family, your family, and all mutual friends that the relationship is over due to her infidelity.

  11. Sweetheart, he isn't sorry. He is sorry he got caught. He absolutely has those pictures and videos, and who knows what he has done with them already. He is not a good person, and he sexually assaulted you.

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