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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. You need to leave this man as quickly as possible. He lacks empathy and he doesn't care about you feeling safe and understood. I'm so sorry you went through this. I hope you are able to heal.

  2. Dude, if you had slapped her people would be calling for you to be sent to prison (which I agree with).

    Just because it's the reverse situation, doesn't mean things should be different. You shouldn't be second guessing yourself!!!

  3. One of the better ways is to hash it out with a counselor. On your own. Then, try to bring her into it. People can and do work through situations like this, but it takes time, patience and hot work. The key point here is that your feelings about this matter. The anger, resentment… All of it. You have to actually accept those emotions, move through them, and come out the other side. You need to tell her exactly how you feel. She betrayed your trust. She has to earn that back. That being said, don't set up camp in this hell. Don't beat her up over it. Aim to move through it. Look for compassion and understanding, and those emotions will help you.

  4. Time to cut your losses. He needs more help and years of it. Go find someone who can be your person without having to put up with that!

  5. Seriously shoot your shot before he leaves. It will give him something good to think about during the bad times…I went through army basic so I have no metric on navy other than we kicked their asses in the army navy game.

  6. And I’m not saying it does matter if they aren’t born? Idk where you came up with that. It doesn’t come down to loving the child more or less. It’s for people who plan for children and get ready for it, it shouldn’t be an “oopsie guess I’ll do this” thing. And considering the situation with her bf this is definitely an “oopsie” situation

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