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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Why does it say there are 4 comments on my post (now 5) but I can only see the AutoModerator's comment? Can anyone DM me to explain?

  2. Stop being his sounding board. Tell him straight up. Things were never going to be the same after asking you if he could sleep with someone else. Your bff no less. As soon as they opened their mouths, the dynamic was forever changed. There's nothing that will ever undo the betrayal that they both have done. Ever. It's not your fault, and you won't take the blame for any of it. They can go on with whatever situation they want. As long as they leave you alone.

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Cheats. Gets dumped. And it's her fault No. It's you. It's 100% you. I hope she tells your family, too.

  4. Let me make one thing clear: both you and your wife need to grow up and understand 1. If it’s worth being depressed to stay together, 2. It is inhumane and shitty, but everyone needs to work.

    Your wife feels lonely and depressed, and that is why she naps. With all the kids you seem to have, I can only imagine how tired she must be. Keeping a house and raising children is no joke, and it is only human not to have the strength to also work a full time job. Now, I don’t know where you live and what your wife was doing part-time, but whatever that was I am fully confident it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference in your finances compared to your 40+ hours/week job, while it would 100% make a difference in her well-being being able to take care of your children and your house full time. Additionally, learning how to do house chores is the bare minimum you can do to help your wife, who must be pretty overwhelmed if she needs to take a nap after lunch.

    It’s pretty clear to me you and your wife are unhappy together, and you are acting quite selfishly. I would definitely break up with you, and take the kids where they can be financially supported.

    Generally speaking moreover, just to briefly touch upon work, please take into account the fact you cannot in this economy, and with many children to care for, leave a job without having another one piled up. You are acting recklessly, and with no regards not only for your wife but also for your children.

    That said, I would seriously consider therapy. You don’t sound like someone who’s talking straight.

    Take care.

  5. It took her 18 months to realize this was “wrong”. She had/has no problem fucking a guy with a wife and kids, so don't be surprised when you're on the receiving end of this.

  6. I guess I'm just scared of losing the person I've known for so long. Although it may be irrelevant we have been through a lot together. But maybe it's my sensitivity. Thank you for the advice

  7. 🙁


    I was trying my best to make it work but I just cant, just worried for her, i think she would be so happy with someone more like her, why isnt she adancing, she says all the man are awful so she stays single, how can i help her change her mindset?

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