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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Yeah… She sees it. And she calls him out on it too, which he doesn't like. He's thinking about quitting couples therapy because he doesn't feel heard. I told him we can switch therapists but I think we need to continue in therapy, even if it's with someone else.

    I will definitely try to ask him “”You have made your opinion clear, you don't want me to drink at all. But that isn't what I want, and when I say that, you punish me by withdrawing your affection and giving me the silent treatment. How that is not trying to control me?” I really like how you worded that…

    He said that he does it so that he doesn't say things he will regret or because he doesn't want to be around me. My therapist said that I should ask him “What is it that you are afraid of saying to me in those moments?” But I'll ask him that. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Because unfortunately it's ingrained in young women to placate and please everyone around them. It takes years to deconstruct this depending on the family history and culture of the person in question. This is something I had to figure out myself in my late twenties. Old ass dudes know this and that's why they target younger women with less boundaries.

  3. She is, though… why would that be a bad thing to tell them? There's nothing wrong with being from the Philippines.

  4. As a (M) and not on your side of things I will tell you of my experience with this; when it occurred early in the pregnancy it was hot on her but not traumatic. The later in pregnancy was physically, mentally and emotionally traumatic. As the would be father I supported the decision but wasn’t thrilled about it (actually very sad). Now as stated I wasn’t the pregnant person. This is my info for you

  5. I was on forgive him and give him a chance, until the “little bitch” comment.

    He can pound sand. I would tell him to please die slowly in a ditch, but thats just me.

    Your brother sounds like he is still horrible, and should indeed lie in the bed he has made for the rest of his life.

  6. somewhat recently to take up photography.

    The hecc, is he or is he not a real photographer? I'll be honest, I'm also uncomfortable reading this.

    I can't believe she's that…trusting or naïve…or…something else.

    I wouldn't like it for a friend of my husband and I to see me in the hot. How much does she pay him? Did she sign waiver letting him use her images?

    Omg…the implication of the whole situation just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth….

  7. Welp, you just confirmed there are good reasons he’s your ex. At very least he should have been able to laugh it off, not act disgusted.

  8. If this is real (which I highly doubt), la-di-freaking-dah.

    At least your son was honest with you that if Max ditches you (which you can bet on that 100%), you'll be alone with your daughter. You can cry all you want.

    I really hope this is fake written by someone who had a lot of free time.

  9. That escalated quickly. I think it's a bit mean, honestly. Was this a one off comment, or does she often say things like this?

    I would talk to her about how it made you feel.

  10. Why couldn't you have pulled out as well as wear a condom (while she tracked her cycle)? What would have been 3 types of contraception.

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