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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I just wish I saw what I see now, you know? I was so naive and ignorant. I didn’t know anything. I was 23. I feel like I barely woke up at like, 26. It’s crazy haha

  2. Does he have roommates that feel comfortable using his bed? Did he host a rager while you were gone? Pull your head out of the sand.

  3. If she wants you back, it's up to her to prove it. But be prepared for her to minimize. Just telling you what she thinks you can handle emotionally for you to take her back.

  4. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that information, that is just me. Tbh I have a boundary where if I find out someone has done something like that I'd never date them. I struggle knowing friends who have done this. I hate it.

  5. I didn’t plan on anything, it happened organically.

    Didn't you literally give him your number when he came to pick up your sister? Sounds pretty damn planned.

  6. I mean, it's not entirely Bob's fault they got divorced. OP silently accepted the demeaning comments for years instead of asking him to stop and then when he didn't accepting that someone who can speak to you like that isn't a friend & removing Bob from his life. And his wife choose to spend lots of one-on-one time with Bob and then chose to interpret OP's behaviour as abusive and tell everyone OP is abusive. OP hasn't mentioned his ex walking back those allegations post Bob break-up.

    In a strong, healthy marriage, Bob's attempts wouldn't have stood a chance. Husband & wife would have seen through it & cut off Bob while their marriage continued to thrive.

  7. Why would you ever want to have sex again with someone who’s basically planned to (and possibly already has) stealthed you into an extra kid?

    Women already take most of the responsibility for all reproductive issues, without having to guard the contraception for the rest of your fertile life to make sure it hasn’t been sabotaged.

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