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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Just remember you'd only give him a chance to do it again. Otherwise you're just believing that a grown adult doesn't understand what yes or no means. He's already shown how he responds to you saying no. He's already shown that he'd rather cry and throw up after taking intimate pictures of you rather than ask first. Continuing this relationship would convey that he can keep doing these things and just apologize after. Break up.

  2. No doctor is going to sign off on this for either one of you. Single women in their 30s are rarely “allowed” to have their tubes tied so it’s not even a consideration. Tell her to get an IUD or some sort of long term birth control

  3. Children are a full time job on its own. They mess up what you clean instantly, and you’re constantly doing errands and serving them food. This is extremely time consuming. Especially if they are older and need to be taken to school etc. Sitting in school loops can take forever!

    I look at it like this-

    It’s naked to binge clean, when you are constantly running after children. If you want her to clean, than when you get home, you watch the children so she can clean vice versa.

    She is only human.

    Does your boss expect you to clean the office while you are working over load?

  4. That they’re spending time with their mom. He makes sure to tell them not to tell me for some reason.

    When the youngest said that I wondered why the oldest had a black eye when they were just Christmas shopping? But apparently they’d been with their mother and half brother. He talks like this every single time after they’ve all been together (around their mom) and the oldest completely ignores me.

  5. This is harsh but seriously- how did a guy get THIS old with no clue everyone on the planet needs more foreplay than he’s giving here. Damn

  6. he brought up that if he wasn’t in a relationship with me he would have been working.

    Well, damn, MAKE IT SO!

    Stop being his doormat. Take your car and go stay someplace else to relax for a few days. Tell him he can't use your car anymore and he needs to get a LIFE! And a job.

  7. You had to ask him if you could be his girlfriend? That’s a problem. He’s not that into you. If he was, he would have wanted to say good morning and goodnight.

  8. Blatant disrespect should never be tolerated. Never speak to her again and move on. Abundance mindset!!

  9. Either forgive her and end the snarky comments. Get back to (if you had one) a decent relationship. Or break up with her. What’s the point of being with someone you despise and want to hurt & punish?

  10. I prefer to talk on the phone and get to know someone prior to meeting so it's not a waste of my time. Also you can tell a lot about a person over the phone….weeds out the crazy people.

  11. I mean really dude? You need our advice on this? Unless you’re gung ho about hitching your wagon to crazy for the rest of your life I’d back out of batshit fast. And make sure you keep it wrapped, regardless of any birth control she may or may not be on. I’m just curious why you can’t work this out on your own?

  12. This is extremely wise advice right here.

    This episode is in the past. Let it stay in the past.

    Concentrate on the future and a new woman who is right for you.

  13. If my wife had a mutual friend take hot photos of her, she’s getting kicked out and divorced. No questions asked.

  14. Just sit him down and say whats bothering you. He'll either change, or he won't, but either way if things keep going on like this your relationship probably won't last anyway.

  15. Gossip has such a negative connotation because creepy men do not like that they are being outed as creepy. It is not airing dirty laundry. It's a legitimate warning.

    And you in your heart might believe that you won't do it again and you understand, but how is anyone else supposed to know that. The only way to recover is to sincerely own up (no, but she also…'s) and be better in the future. Some of your comments indicate that you do not fully believe you are completely in the wrong, even though you say the words. But words alone don't mean anything.

  16. Seems to be an incredibly common thing for 20-somethings to cheat on a long-term partner because of FOMO around sexual adventurousness.

  17. Holy shit… that is toxic and abusive as fuck.

    Also, even if you are the one that makes physical contact first, you’re doing so in self-defense. By lunging at you or acting like he’s going to attack you, he’s instantly the aggressor and your fight or flight response kicks in.

    Honestly, you should leave, OP. His behavior is scary.

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