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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. If you're going to break up with him you don't have to prove shit. Let him know the reason and that will be enough. He'll realize he screwed up.

  2. Drugs? What are you talking about? I don’t bully my gf into agreeing with me. Discussions happen and we both agree I didn’t bully her into that at all. This is what I get for asking the internet

  3. Aside from repeating “just do it”, what kind of actual tangible help have people offered?

    Actual help looks more like:

    “To break up with her, you need to have an in person conversation. I've used this script that you can modify to your liking, but just keep in mind that it doesn't work for everyone and she's going to cry and that's okay, but it's better for her in the long run if you break up now. -insert script here-“

    Look, whether he has his partner's best interest at heart is not something either or us can say. We're all on the same page of “this guy needs to break up with her STAT.” he's gotten plenty if “just do it you prick” type messages, no harm in some supportive gentle ones as well.

  4. Why would he do it ?

    Did you ever bother to initiate anything? Did you ask him out on one of the dates? Did you ask try to kiss him? Did you take him to your place?

  5. You were broken up. At that point she can do whatever she wants. You don’t own her. How’s she supposed to know you’d get back together ina week.

  6. We see each other once a week-every other week. It's been a couple weeks since he's been sick though. When we're together conversation feels easy and light

  7. She has repeatedly told you she does not want to be with you. It shows how much you have NOT grown and matured when you refuse to hear what she is outright saying you to.

  8. Talk to him about it. Tell him about your feelings and boundaries.

    Maybe he's ok with it, maybe he isn't, but you won't know until you ask him.

    If it's not the type of relationship he wants to be in then you two can part ways amicably.

  9. For the sake of maintaining the other friendships, I would give her a civil response like “Thank you for the apology. I was hurt, but I'll move on. I think we're not romantically compatible, but wish you the best.”

    Hopefully she'll stop texting and calling at that point.

  10. I think you need another boyfriend. He’s a jerk and a POS. I Hope they pay for all the damages.

  11. Don’t have a baby with him.

    In fact, just break up with him.

    His attitude is red flag he will cheat on you when you get older and wrinkly or your body changes naturally over time, but he might keep you around to his chores and cooking. And he will act like you deserved to be cheated on.

  12. This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. Its your life, is this how you want to live… Is he connected to criminals is that why your afraid to take action ? If not dude has issues…go to the authorities, report him… he is making death threats By not doing anything to protect yourself you are a willing victim and giving him power.

  13. Yeah I could see it, but it would take some time for me. Listen you don't know me, but I take lots of time to put trust into a person because of childhood trauma. In school it usually takes a few years for me to trust the teacher and not be scared of them. But that's irrelevant right now. The thing is I don't know what the next step for me here is. Should I just break up with her?

  14. If he’s to small that sounds like a him problem. Run and find someone that will treat you right that’s bigger than a toothpick.

  15. This man has you so concerned with defending yourself that you're overlooking the fact that he is acting like a crazy person. You have fallen into the trap of trying to reason with the unreasonable. This will get worse. Please leave before you get hurt.

  16. This is true. OP might have to go along with the joke. Maybe (safely) pour some syrup around her pussy.

  17. She did nothing wrong- she answered the question YOU asked honestly. This does show that she is comfortable with you!

    It sounds like you are insecure about your sex life and maybe more? You should feel okay to talk to her about it… and maybe go to therapy?

  18. Idk why you getting downvotes. Redditors be haters. Lets be real and call this what it is. From OP's post it sounds like she's being a drama queen who wants to be the center of attention. Literally rejected this man cause his proposal wasn't big and boastful enough for her and she couldn't gram it…. wtf. She a disney princess? An actual princess? The daughter of a billionaire who's spoiled to hell and back?!? You propose and the first thing she thinks of rather than say yes or no is it wasn't good enough???? Bruh. Respect yourself bro lmfao. That's disrespectful to you. It's one thing to say yes and then also tell you want she wants to get pictures and stuff and then you go to a photographer or whatever, but she literally rejected it because it wasn't big enough. The audacity ?. Again she must be a 10/10 bombshell best woman in the world to do you like that and you not care or think twice. She even love you??? Next thing you know your wedding wasn't big enough so she'll turn you down at the alter. You gonna pay for her big celeb like wedding? You ok with more shit like this down the road??? Start asking yourself these questions.

  19. Of course she should feel hurt to fucking read that. He just told some random from work that he had to convince himself not to break up with his fiancé because she’s not attractive enough for him. Get out of here with that “violation of trust” BS! I can’t imagine a bigger violation of trust than a partner speaking by so disrespectful it about their fiancé behind their back.

  20. Man I am really good at taking care of reptiles, but I have killed every single plant I’ve ever had (which is a lot) except for an aloe and one tiny succulent. Apparently to plants I’m literally less nurturing than the desert, which is weird because I’ve had four thriving high maintenance desert animals. I just don’t really get plants.

  21. I don’t think the bronchitis is the problem.

    I think his “pushy” behavior with “things”, which I’m assuming means sex, and the fact that he can’t be a good partner to you while you are sick, are much better reasons for him to show himself the door.

  22. I wouldn't be bothered. I could understand being bothered by specific context or details but not if it is indeed just a conversation to catch up.

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