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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You should get a legal child support and custody agreement through the court system ASAP. Until that time, don't give her any money other than the amount you are giving now.

    It's clear she doesn't understand that child support is for the CHILD. It's the child's money, not her money. She needs to support herself. She needs to get a full time job.

    Be strong. She will try to pressure you. Don't let her. Let the courts determine the child support and custody arrangement.

  2. Your boyfriend feels left out it seems, but he also seems incredibly clingy. In an unhealthy way. You were 100% right when you said that you should be able to hang out with friends separately. There is no need for him to tag along all the time. If anything, that actually makes your issue of not being able to make plans with friends worse. So in a way, your boyfriend is stifling your personal growth.

    I think you need to have an honest conversation with your boyfriend about helping pay his part of transportation and trip costs. There is no reason for you to be paying all of it yourself when he has a job and can contribute.

    As for this concert thing, you aren't being too harsh. Go and have fun with your friend. Also.. you don't need his permission. All he needs to know is that you're going.

  3. It absolutely DOES NOT matter why he’s saying this. You can’t marry this man or he will only get worse, I promise you. This is not the end, if you marry him you will be in for a lifetime of this and it will be even harder to escape. This is your best chance to run, take it.

  4. He may not be getting a lot of sex and at least he would have one person that I like that he has sex with

  5. All of the commenters assume the fiancée wants to stay. Maybe she decided not to after what OP said!

  6. Especially of young girls?? But even if we don’t care about him doing that. It still proves that it shows what you interact with. There wouldn’t be an entire discover page of young girls in thongs for literally no reason.

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