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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Yeah, we walk away from men with kids, because we are either child free intentionally for reasons that are none of your business, or have already grown children with no interest in our wants and needs taking a back seat to a kids needs.

    Tell her, and be prepared for her to walk away from you for being a lying jackwaggon

  2. I may be the odd man out but I figure if he insists then let him make himself look a a fucking idiot asshole 3 times in a row. I wonder if there's something from his last that makes him so paranoid about that like something with his parents or a relative or a friend who something crazy happened with a kid that turned out not to be there's or his dad raised him to think every man should get that done just to be sur. This is so weird.

  3. My friend told him I was fine with space, but that I didn't need to be blocked on everything and that he really should explain himself & what his intentions are (if he plans on getting back together or not with me, what to expect from here when we see each other at work, etc) and he won't budge. I hate living with the unknown. I want to work on myself because I started to think that maybe this is all because I was in too much of a bad mood the past month due to having to quit my antidepressants and because I've had a lot going on, but my friends assured me that if that was an issue, he should've communicated it.

    It's just very strange because he never had a problem with communication before.

  4. Leave as soon as you can, you can take more photos later. I sneakily called the cops when my ex shoved me and held me down and they took him away in handcuffs, then I packed my stuff and left. Please just do it in whatever way feels safest and doesn’t escalate things again. Please update to let us know you’re okay.

  5. I don't think it's your fault at all and I think he's just being possessive, or convinced himself that girls only change their hair when they're cheating on guy's. Either way I'm sure your hair is very cute and you deserve to love yourself

  6. There is no need to tell your current partner anything about your sexual past. It’s none of their business. No good is going to come from telling them. There are things that your current partner has a right not to know about you. This idea of complete and total openness and transparency about every aspect of your life is vastly overrated when it comes to romantic relationships. Human beings have a right to privacy. You are two separate individuals in addition to being in a romantic relationship together. Learn to draw appropriate boundaries between your private personal life and the one you share with your partner.

  7. I definitely think it was the terminology and probably the timing. It wasn't right but it also is quite a…direct name for something medical.

    This isn't a conversation to be having on a morning commute either imo.

  8. I think he’s saying he’ll stop being friends with her on your behalf so he can make you out to be the reason the friendship ended instead of truly being accountable for his own actions. Cause he obviously doesn’t think he did anything wrong

  9. Get the nexplanon and probably should be not moving in with him.Nexplanon is hot to tamper with and if any tried to they would either need to feed you high amounts of antibiotics or cut it out. Cutting out it out is easy evidence of any harm towards you.

  10. Someone can break up with you for any reason or no reason at all, you don't have to deserve it. But I will say that you did nothing wrong and that you should count this as a blessing because this girl clearly has problems she needs to work on before she commits to a relationship or she is going to make whoever she ends up with miserable with her jealousy and insecurities and controlling behaviors. You don't deserve to be treated like that and you should have left her as soon as she wanted to go through your emails

  11. there's always the chance he was just saying it for the clout.

    but if he doesn't want you anywhere near his phone, that's a huge problem. my wife could go through my phone and i wouldn't care whatsoever.

  12. He gets is right 95% of the time. I suggest letting this slide. It happens to everyone. I call my oldest daughter by my sisters name sometimes. Its literally a slip of the lip and has to do with vowel placement as well as being comfortable around the person. By ‘loosing it’ and embarrassing your co worker, you are not making the situation any better. I get the sense you being sensitive to this is the cause for the worsening team dynamic. I would not got to HR over this. It will not end well for you.

  13. Others have said it, but basically you need to address the real issue, and come to terms with it.

    Are you going to have kids or not. That’s the decision you feel she is making, and she is, and you feel blindsided by it.

    I’d suggest broaching the subject with a mediator/therapist in couples therapy. A good one will really help navigate some of the “pain points”…which isn’t to say you aren’t perfectly capable of doing it just the two of you. You sound like you both could, but why not have help, when that help can make some of the sting of “reality” hurt just a little less.

  14. He deserves SO much better. If you want to perpetuate this abusive family culture, do it with someone who stands a chance. You wasted years of his life and you’re a coward. Your family is disgusting and so are you for allowing them to treat people like this. I’m so disgusted.

  15. At this point there is no point giving your girlfriend a talk or boundaries – enough has been said already

    He knows what he is doing and also knows she likes it

    The best outcome you can hope for at the moment is that she just cheats with him when you guys get in an argument , the most likely outcome is a lot worse than that

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