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Date: September 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “Alexyferrer live sex cams for YOU!

  1. I got downvoted for saying I don’t like sitting in silence on the phone. Am I the asshole in this situation?

  2. Dude, run! I do feel slightly sorry for her because she obviously has still had a toxic upbringing, but she is narcissistic. I don't think she has any real grasp of empathy. She isn't anywhere near ready for a healthy relationship.

  3. She was venting. She didn’t need you to solve her problem. I’d just stop checking in with her or making suggestions about food. She doesn’t want your help.

    If it’s a dealbreaker for you that she doesn’t cook, break up. It would be for me if kids were in the mix and they weren’t getting fed but she is an adult. She isn’t going to starve herself to death.

  4. First of all, your boyfriend is bad. But you will see below why that’s okay.

    One of these has to be true :

    you are incredibly careless you are independently wealthy for whatever reason this story is made up and you have no idea what having a student loan is like

    Having your SO belittle you is never okay. But if you were really so incredibly careless like this, your SO would probably be pretty anxious and being in a relationship with someone like this. How nerve wracking would it be to be joined in life with someone who could just randomly lost several thousand dollars, or tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? That’s a big warning sign.

    So my money is on: you are a teenaged troll. For future reference, a student loan takes years to pay off, it may be as small as the price of a car, or it might be the price of a house. When you pay it off, it’s a huge deal. You wouldn’t just casually pay it off in one lump sum, unless you were very wealthy, and even then that wouldn’t happen. Why? Because if you were that wealthy you wouldn’t have a student loan at all: you wouldn’t need it, and if you did, you would have a personal loan that doesn’t have all the strings attached a student loan does. Did you know you can’t even declare bankruptcy to escape a student loan? Do some research on that please. It’s a big problem.

    Even if you came from money your boyfriend would be angry. Your accountant would be angry. Your PA would be annoyed but wouldn’t say anything because you are paying them. Also they would be the one doing the calls to the bank so you don’t have one of these people, because you aren’t rich.

  5. If you move in with him, and are paying some of the costs, he should be able to afford heat/air.

  6. She’d do well to consider that her clinginess (is that a word? Clingitude? I dunno) is stifling and will make anyone resentful.

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